Le tton Court Fishery
Idylic Fishing With Footprints From A Bygone Age

Letton Court

For more than 500 years this peaceful estate has played host to those seeking both solitude and the thrill of fishing for sport or table.

Today, we offer that same experience in a setting described by many as 'Idyllic'. The Wye Salmon is now protected, but this ensures a greater run of these magnificent fish and a better opportunity to net one for yourself.

Fishing at Letton Court in the depths of rural Herefordshire places you in a Gainsborough landscape, unchanged for centuries and still an artists delight. Come with your rods and add a few of your own brush-strokes to this masterpiece; completely relax and become part of it's long and wonderful history.  Book your fishing and buy day permits here
River Wye

The cast is made. The loops unfurl as the fly swings round, the line pulls     straight and spins the reel...fish on! Not for some years have your chances of a Wye salmon been so high!

At Letton Court, 1.5 miles of dark, deep pools, golden-gravel shallows and extensive riffles skirt the historic estate, just begging to be questioned by you and your fly. Gently shelving permits easy wading and confident casting and only the harshest conditions will prevent access by car.

But this left bank of the Wye isn't just the game angler's idyll: rod-wrenching barbel and big blunt nosed chub are there too, on the watch beneath overhangs and in the wavering weed. And there are pike; big ones waxing fat on the dace and grayling shoals but often fooled by a well placed lure...

Oxbow Lake

Centuries ago, the mighty wye made it's way around this horseshoe bend. Now in it's wake lies the Letton Court Oxbow.
It's as natural today as it was then: no shop, no pegs, no cafe - just 7 acres of sheer mystery flanked by ancient woodland and opposite one of Herefordshire's oldest ash tree's, disturbed only by bird-life and the sudden crash of a big, fully-scaled common carp - one of Letton's nameless , native fish you can still tempt with crust or a big lobworm hung from the edge of a lily pad.
Fish through the black of night, listen to tawny and long-eared owls and imagine a different time...Magical Stuff!
  1. Salmon
    It all starts in early Spring when the bigger, heavier specimens arrive, salmon of 15-20lbs regularly falling to both spinner and fly. But quality fish continue to course through the pristine flow around the Letton Court meadows right up to the end of the season.
  2. Barbel
    Letton Court Fishery is famed for these whiskered torpedoes with fish up to 14lbs buckling the rods of specialist and all-rounder alike. Take your time, walk the bank. Use your skill and judgement to select that likely looking eddy... then settle down for a 3ft twitch!
  3. Brown Trout
    Don't be fooled by the brownie's pristine beauty! These are wild, pugnacious fighters of 1-4lbs regularly caught on the fly from Letton Court's blessed stretch of the wonderful wye right through to the end of the season; April-June will see best fishing, but rods come alive from start to finish-and all in magnificent settings.
  4. Carp
    Nobody is sure of the oxbow's potential. Truly magnificent mirrors and fully scaled commons up to 32lbs have been caught in recent times but the possibility of larger specimens is very real. Fishing at distance from the grassy main bank or stalking the overgrown margins of the wooded 'island' will give you the chance of a proper, big, unknown , native carp. For the more adventurous try landing one from beat 3 on the river. It will be a fish of a lifetime.
  5. Other Game Fish
    Don't overlook the beautiful, lissom, battling grayling. They're here to be caught on trotting tactics or on the fly throughout the coarse season. Sea trout are also found in these waters. Be a pioneer and cast a big moth onto the water after dark - you could well strike lucky.
  6. Other Coarse Fish
    Tench are another staple of the Oxbow. The forgotten hero of our waters. Tench of over 10lb have been caught. Shoals of bream circulate the oxbow and are in good company with roach, dace and bleak. Amazing chub up to 6lb in the river. Predator's come in the form of Perch and Pike. Recent pike of up to 22lb but evidence suggests there could be some big ladies out there with 30lb plus fish netted in the past.

 7 Acre Historic Oxbow Estate Lake

1.5 Miles Left Bank River Wye