Le tton Court Fishery
Idylic Fishing With Footprints From A Bygone Age
​Fishing at Letton Court

Experience this Idylic Piece of Herefordshire Beauty and History

The fishing environment at Letton Court is as important to us as the fish themselves. As custodians of this Site Of Special Scientific interest, we take the responsibility of it's upkeep and welfare very seriously indeed...by doing as little as possible. The sheep and cattle keep the meadows trim while the hills and valleys to the west provide a constant, crystal flow of the purest rainwater.  ​​

Set way back from what we laughingly call the 'main road', you'll hear no traffic and being so remote, your smartphone is unlikely to intrude; only the sounds of sheep, buzzards, red kites, heron, kingfishers, owls and a wide variety of ducks and other, smaller birds.
Keep your eyes peeled for deer and and even sheep crossing the river - bizarre, but not rare!

So it's not just the prospect of a 'biggie' that compels our regulars to return, it's the prospect of a day or three in the slow lane, far from the madding crowd.

Fishing Is More Than Fish..
Letton Court is anything but a commercial fishery; it's a classic English country estate populated by oak, hornbeam, mature pines and a wealth of wildlife in and around the river and lake...so called 'progress' has passed it by, so make sure your self-sufficent and responibly equipped. If your not staying in the magnificent Letton Court: there are no bank-side facilities.

You're advised to arrive early and leave late in order to absorb the day's changing moods and to exploit the best feeding times unless, of course, you intend night fishing. There are a few restrictions but please inform us of your intentions.

It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.
Herbert Hoover
Fishery Map

Recommended Local Fishing Tackle Stores

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Woody's Angling Centre
67 Whitecross Road,
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​Price list 2018

All fishingto be booked in advance

                      Coarse Fishing
                            Half Day   £10
                            Full Day    £15
                            Night         £30
                                                 Children under 16 fish free
                                                 But must be accompanied
                                                 By an adult.

​                         Game Fishing
                                Half Day  £18
                                Full Day   £25